Verizon throttled fire department’s “unlimited” data during Calif. wildfire

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What can I say? This is only one of the failures of the erasure of Net Neutrality. Many warned that we would see a private and packaged internet that would work against the consumer; they were wrong. The internet without Net Neutrality is an internet where providers won't be held to their promises. Through no claim of mistake, Verizon outright throttled internet to local firefighters in California. Net Neutrality dictated that ISPs cannot pick and choose who to provide quality service to and for, but now Verizon has the power to discriminate without regulation.

I have been working on a few plans for a "new" internet. This new internet will operate on the TCP/IP layer (even though that's what basically defines the internet), but is different from the WWW entirely. Inspired by the early days of AlohaNet, a P2P network of radio and networking enthusiasts will operate a low-capacity network designed to facilitate no more than basic text between peers. Due to bands and FCC regulation, many features may be difficult and require a new approach to radio communication. If you are interested in AlohaNet 2.0, contact me.