The cameras that know if you're happy - or a threat

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I decided to rewrite this piece after I looked over it again. The wording was repetitive and difficult to follow. In all fairness, that's what I get for writing angry.

The BBC published an article on Automated Facial Recognition(AFR), a system that combines common CCTV with "NEC software." The overall tone of the piece was a utopian, upbeat energy that strongly supported the cameras and speculated on the benefits of being able to track people's movements and read their emotions. Intermixed throughout the article were half-hearted warnings to the sinister capabilities of such a system, but these failed to leave a mark on me while reading.

While we can't easily stop surveillance and AFR on a national level, we can work to stop the surveillance in our local government. In the US, many federal governments leverage the surveillance systems of local governments to track people. For example, in Lexington, Kentucky, Michael Maharrey has successfuly fought back against surveillance in his hometown.