Scottish Government Partners with Yoti For Biometrics Powered Mobile ID

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It isn't very frequently that I come across a new propaganda piece. There's not a lot of substance to this article, but I'll do my best anyways. In the UK and Scotland, most citizens are under constant CCTV surveillance. I've covered before the threats that citizens face from their government, so it comes as no surprise that the Scottish Government has announced that they are partnering with Yoti to track and surveill citizens with Biometric ID.

"But John," you might say, "Yoti states that they will take good care of your data." This is true. They really push the concept of having control over your data. Unfortunately, this is a shallow symptom of post-GDPR Europe, and a thinly-veiled attempt to gain privacy enthusiasts favor. The fact remains that having one singular(biometric) identity required to identify you to the internet, your government, and your work is dangerous. Regardless of the standard or company behind it, you cannot trust any government to not abuse biometric identification.

The CEO of Yoti has stated out-right on using normal, non-biometric identification, "that is the wrong way." Yoti is currently only available as a smartphone app, which reveals another lapse in privacy; those who won't own phones(or even smartphones), must. Many people I know acquire smartphones before laptops, cars, or even driver's licenses. Government identification requiring a smartphone is a dangerous road towards 24/7 tracking.

This ended up to be a longer article, but I'm writing out of fear and concern. If you have any correlation with Scotland, call in to all of your representatives and voice your concerns. Look up local anti-surveillance groups who may be staging protests as well, and participate with them. Don't let your government use terrorism as an excuse to strip you of your liberties.