Network Outages

While I was in the hospital, my family has taken some steps to accomodate my return at hoe. One of the changes they ade in the house was moving most of my things to a single level so that I don't have to figure out the stairs while I'm crippled. In all their genius and despite my warnings, they have unplugged and moved the servers that operate Pleroma, email, and a few other services. On top of that, they have somehow "lost" the coaxial connection that provides our internet connection.

I'm pissed as hell, but there is nothing I can do about it in a wheelchair. Here's the estimated timeframe for services going back online.

  1. I call in a service technician from our ISP to return the network to at least an operational state
  2. I reconfigure network devices as they were in the overhal blog post.
  3. I install a locked cabinet rack that will prevent my family from fucking me over again.
  4. I migrate backups of whatever has been damaged beyond repair and virtualize whatever is salvageable.
  5. I retiterate to my family that my network policy is there to protect all of us and that they seriously fucked themselves over too. I might pretend that their fucking with the network has allowed a hacker or some shit to get to us.

That's pretty much all I have to say for now. I'm writing this from a hospital bed and fucked up on narcotics, so forgive any typoes or mistakes. Hae a nice night and go fuck yourselves.