Importing stuff

This is a quick update on the blog. I think I've worked out the CSS and little tricks that I want and all that. My original blog posts have been lost to time, including some of the printer blog posts that I worked really hard on. I migrated from to wordpress to pelican and then lost the posts between the last pelican install and this one. If I find a cache or copy of some of the original posts, I'll throw them in. The best I could do was copy-pasting some of the small rants that I used to have on my homepage. I'm replacing that with the blog (to be honest, that's all my website was). I apologize in advance if any of the posts seem too much like a Stallman-inspired shitpost.

I'm always down to have guest writers or whatever, just email me shit and I'll put it on the site. One of my favorite things on the internet is the collaboration that I get to do with other people on projects that interest me.