Email Spam

Whoo first spam! I celebrated something similar to this a year or so ago on a different host. It always feels like a landmark occasion to me when I see spam in my mailbox. Recently, Gmail has been less hostile to my outgoing emails to my family, which is also a good sign for my host. I've been slowly tweaking it to make it more up to snuff with anti-spam standards. When the "spammer" becomes the spammed, I always feel like that's one step closer to legitimacy in the eyes of larger mail hosts.

The spam that I've been receiving is some sort of arabic clickbait that always tries to redirect you to casinos/weight loss/crypto scams. The entire message is a big link to, where NN is some two digit number. For those curious, all the emails sent to me have the number 89. Like the usual email spam, it comes out of misconfigured open relays. I've made many mistakes on the road of email hosting, but believe me: I have never configured any of my boxes as an open relay in any environment. For an email-obsessed teenager, the risk of being associated with spam is too great to chance.

The other interesting thing to note is that when I was getting the source of the email to paste here on the blog, I found that the message body was base64 encoded. I don't know what purpose this could serve, perhaps to slip past weaker spam filters. As a consequence, the original arabic body was replaced with lots of random characters, mostly boiling down to some combination of Ø and Ù. Even if I spoke arabic (and was desperate enough to click on "Flossk want to reproduce does not deprive her !!!"), I wouldn't be able to read what I am sure is a convincing argument for paying out the twelve bitcoins for a mail order bride from Pakistan.

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