Complete Network Overhaul

Oops. Apparently sometime yesterday, my stock router that my ISP gave me flopped. I had it running to a Netgear router in a kinda broken access point style thing. Thanks to the demands of my family, I had to fix the network ASAP. I reset all the devices, configured the stock router for bridging, then sat through 20 minutes of Netgear configuration wizards. I have a much simpler, faster network now.

The servers that run out of this location, however, are not playing nice with the new setup. I suspect they still want to be on the old network and are asking the router for addresses that won't fit in the LAN. I will one-by-one go through them and beat the shit out of every network process running. For now, expect outages for Pleroma, E-Mail (lol it's only me), and Minecraft. Sorry about the issues. By the time you read this post, everything will probably be back to normal.