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Network Outages (again)

If I wasn't absolutely pissed last time the network went down because of my family, this time I am. I was only able to reach step two of five during the last outage. Here's what this means.

All of my servers and networking equipment is not where it should be. It has been moved to where it is physically accessible to me (in a wheelchair) and the rest of my able-bodied family. Little did I know that the outlet they had all of my servers and our networking equipment on was operated on a single light switch. One flick while I was taking one of my sacred naps brought everything to a crashing halt.

I suspected they would do something really fucking stupid again, so not everything was permanently damaged. The network bounced back without manual intervention, no small feat for its complexity. All but one of the servers were able to POST and carry on.

Unfortunately, we lost the back up server. Ordinarily, I wouldn't be very concerned; that's the easiest server to manage without! However, this is the second period of downtime in less than a month. There is an obvious trend here. Every second my machines are in this high-risk environment (surrounded by pets, neighbors, family, etc) is just a total crash waiting to happen.

The last outage was painful. There was a very long period when I was immediately post-op, during which storage servers bit the dust. I could tolerate more storage servers going down. I could not tolerate any services going down.

Here is the emergency plan. Just like last time, I'm not even sure I'll finish it due to time, injuries, and money.

  1. Begin short, limited backups to my laptop and external hard drives
  2. Attempt to replace drives in back up server
  3. Hold candlelight vigil for fallen server
  4. Hang on for the now three month overdue stipend to replace machines
  5. Practice wheelchair combat to threaten family
  6. Send bill for destroyed servers to the single individual (who will not be named) who is solely responsible for both outages

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week.


Network Outages

While I was in the hospital, my family has taken some steps to accomodate my return at hoe. One of the changes they ade in the house was moving most of my things to a single level so that I don't have to figure out the stairs while I'm crippled. In all their genius and despite my warnings, they have unplugged and moved the servers that operate Pleroma, email, and a few other services. On top of that, they have somehow "lost" the coaxial connection that provides our internet connection.

I'm pissed as hell, but there is nothing I can do about it in a wheelchair. Here's the estimated timeframe for services going back online.

  1. I call in a service technician from our ISP to return the network to at least an operational state
  2. I reconfigure network devices as they were in the overhal blog post.
  3. I install a locked cabinet rack that will prevent my family from fucking me over again.
  4. I migrate backups of whatever has been damaged beyond repair and virtualize whatever is salvageable.
  5. I retiterate to my family that my network policy is there to protect all of us and that they seriously fucked themselves over too. I might pretend that their fucking with the network has allowed a hacker or some shit to get to us.

That's pretty much all I have to say for now. I'm writing this from a hospital bed and fucked up on narcotics, so forgive any typoes or mistakes. Hae a nice night and go fuck yourselves.


Complete Network Overhaul

Oops. Apparently sometime yesterday, my stock router that my ISP gave me flopped. I had it running to a Netgear router in a kinda broken access point style thing. Thanks to the demands of my family, I had to fix the network ASAP. I reset all the devices, configured the stock router for bridging, then sat through 20 minutes of Netgear configuration wizards. I have a much simpler, faster network now.

The servers that run out of this location, however, are not playing nice with the new setup. I suspect they still want to be on the old network and are asking the router for addresses that won't fit in the LAN. I will one-by-one go through them and beat the shit out of every network process running. For now, expect outages for Pleroma, E-Mail (lol it's only me), and Minecraft. Sorry about the issues. By the time you read this post, everything will probably be back to normal.

Email Spam

Whoo first spam! I celebrated something similar to this a year or so ago on a different host. It always feels like a landmark occasion to me when I see spam in my mailbox. Recently, Gmail has been less hostile to my outgoing emails to my family, which is also a good sign for my host. I've been slowly tweaking it to make it more up to snuff with anti-spam standards. When the "spammer" becomes the spammed, I always feel like that's one step closer to legitimacy in the eyes of larger mail hosts.

The spam that I've been receiving is some sort of arabic clickbait that always tries to redirect you to casinos/weight loss/crypto scams. The entire message is a big link to, where NN is some two digit number. For those curious, all the emails sent to me have the number 89. Like the usual email spam, it comes out of misconfigured open relays. I've made many mistakes on the road of email hosting, but believe me: I have never configured any of my boxes as an open relay in any environment. For an email-obsessed teenager, the risk of being associated with spam is too great to chance.

The other interesting thing to note is that when I was getting the source of the email to paste here on the blog, I found that the message body was base64 encoded. I don't know what purpose this could serve, perhaps to slip past weaker spam filters. As a consequence, the original arabic body was replaced with lots of random characters, mostly boiling down to some combination of Ø and Ù. Even if I spoke arabic (and was desperate enough to click on "Flossk want to reproduce does not deprive her !!!"), I wouldn't be able to read what I am sure is a convincing argument for paying out the twelve bitcoins for a mail order bride from Pakistan.

فلوسك ترغب بالتكاثر لا تحرمها!!!
حقق الأرباح من تداول العملات
قاموس واسرار التجارة الالكترونية
كيفية كسب المال ببساطة
نبحث عن الباحثين عن التميز
اربح الان من تجارة الذهب بكل سهولة
زد دخلك الشهري بدون ان تغادر منزلك

Importing stuff

This is a quick update on the blog. I think I've worked out the CSS and little tricks that I want and all that. My original blog posts have been lost to time, including some of the printer blog posts that I worked really hard on. I migrated from to wordpress to pelican and then lost the posts between the last pelican install and this one. If I find a cache or copy of some of the original posts, I'll throw them in. The best I could do was copy-pasting some of the small rants that I used to have on my homepage. I'm replacing that with the blog (to be honest, that's all my website was). I apologize in advance if any of the posts seem too much like a Stallman-inspired shitpost.

I'm always down to have guest writers or whatever, just email me shit and I'll put it on the site. One of my favorite things on the internet is the collaboration that I get to do with other people on projects that interest me.