Captive Audience: How Florida's Prisons and DRM Made $11.3M Worth of Prisoners' Music Disappear

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I'm not even really sure where to start with this piece. Doctorow says it all. Prisoners in Florida bought DRM-locked music at steep rates underneath the company Access Corrections. After realizing that more money is able to be made off of inmates and their families, The Department of Corrections allied with a different proprietary group to force prisoners to repurchase all of their music. The new contracters are already known for charging exorbitant fees on phone calls and emails to prisoners with a "digital stamp" system.

The sad state of the prison complex in America is that it has been privatized. The high arrest rates of minorities is not totally a matter of discrimination, but a symptom of contracted incarceration quotas agreed upon by companies and state governments. We pay taxes on empty prison beds. Some contracts order rates of 97% occupancy in all prisons; it's no surprise that the US has the highest incarceration rates in the world.